Small Hedge Trimming


We are dedicated to ensuring that your property in Vars Ontario looks beautiful, focusing of course on the trees and hedges. Most people will tend to pay more attention to their trees than their hedges as these are more noticeable and damage to a tree can cause significant problems such as falling limbs or a tree that dies. While the same can be true for hedges, the concerns are not usually as great simply due to their smaller size. It is important to remember, however, that hedges are an important part of your home and it is important to keep them maintained.

What Hedges Do

Although one of the main functions of a hedge for your home is simply its aesthetic value that is not the only purpose that a hedge serves. If you do not have a fence, it can help act as a way to separate your home and property from that of your neighbors. They can even help reduce the amount of wind that approaches your home and by doing so, reduce the sound as well. In addition to reducing the sound caused by wind, hedges can lessen the sounds you hear from passing cars or passersby.

Regular Trimming
One of our most popular hedge trimming services that we offer in the Austin, area is regular hedge trimming. This is simply the normal trimming that is done in order to keep your hedges healthy. We will also do this maintenance to ensure that your hedges do not overgrow as overgrown hedges can create problems such as blocking the sidewalk or impeding your view out of your home. While this task may be simple enough to do yourself, our experts have the experience necessary to get the job done quickly and correctly, ensuring that your hedges remain in excellent health.

Formal Hedge Shaping

One of the hedge trimming services we offer that most people would not be comfortable doing themselves is formal trimming. Like regular trimming, this type of trimming is done to keep your hedges healthy but most people who opt for formal trimming do so because of its aesthetic value. That is because formal hedge trimming is where we will trim your hedges in such a way as to create a shape of your choice. This can be good for creating special designs or simply allowing room for other features of your garden. We are able to accomplish even formal trimming quickly and with accuracy, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Our Experience

Hedge trimming is one of our services that people often feel they can do themselves. However, these people fail to keep in mind the knowledge and experience that is necessary to do the job properly. We are able to determine what type of hedge you have and pick the correct trimming methods based on that. In addition, we have the knowledge to determine exactly when your hedges should be trimmed to maintain their optimal health. We are sure to trim them in such a way and at a time that will encourage new growth in the correct directions.